About PTV

A little bit the Owner and Master Trainer at PTV - Vanessa Geraghty McGann

I moved to Perth from Ireland in 2009. I'm married to Jamie who is from Perth and we have one gorgeous little daughter, Callie. My love affair with health and fitness started in my mid twenties as did my love affair with Australia.  

Time to change

After spending a year travelling around Australia and Asia, I returned home to Ireland and realised that my body was changing and that I actually needed to start eating right and exercising to stay in shape! I was 25 at this point in time and working a desk bound office job, in the corporate world of marketing. 

Gym junkie

I found a gym close to where I lived in Dublin, and started working out 5 - 6 days a week and soon I was addicted! However I was a cardio queen, as I thought like many women do, that lifting weights would make me bulky.

Fad diets

I had tried every single diet and fad under the sun but found that I lacked long term results.  I knew I wanted to get educated in this field, but it wasn't until I moved to Perth and started working at the Western Force Rugby team, that I decided to follow my passion and study to become a personal trainer. 

PTV was born

PTV was launched in October 2010, after I qualified as a Master Trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness. I contracted as a personal trainer to Babes on the Run, running the Cottesloe group, for 2 years. I became a Mom in February 2015, took some time off to get my head around motherhood, and I relaunched the PTV business at the end of 2016. 

Our mission

PTV is about empowering women to get their body confidence back, to make exercise fun, educational and about obtaining results. PTV is not about six packs and bikini comps! We want you to regain your body confidence by: 

  • Educating you on how to make better nutrition choices. 
  • Encouraging you to build exercise into your daily routine.
  • Providing information and education on hydration and ionised water.
  • Suggesting ways to improve your quality of sleep.(This is not always easy if you are a Mum!)

Vanessa's Qualifications include: 

  • Master Trainer - Personal Training (Cert III & IV Fitness) - Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Accredited Certificate in Nutrition - Cadence Health
  • Fire & Flow Method Instructor - Created by Chavon Livey
  • Booty Barre Plus Instructor - Created by Tracey Mallett Fitness
  • Punchpad Boxing Instructor - By Punchfit
  • GX Hybrid Boxing Instructor - By Punchfit
  • Advanced First Aid & CPR Certified