Jump-start your metabolism with these 3 spices

Speed up your metabolism

Speeding up your metabolism will help take weight off, but also keep it off. Some people are born with a faster metabolism than others. But just because you might not be one of those lucky people doesn’t mean you can’t make your metabolism work faster, with the foods you eat on a regular basis.

Add these 3 spices

Did you know that by just adding three spices to your meals can really jump-start your metabolism and help you maintain a healthy weight. The foods you use to fuel your body are really key to making it work right, so try including these three spices in your diet.

1. Cinnamon

Increased blood sugar can cause excess fat to be stored. Cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar, making it easier to maintain or lose weight. And because it takes extra energy to metabolise cinnamon, this allows you to boost your metabolism - making you burn calories faster and making it easier to lose weight. 

Cinnamon has also been known as an appetite suppressor. It slows down the process of moving food through your stomach, making you feel fuller longer.

So try sprinkling some cinnamon over your oats or yogurt, or sprinkle some in your tea, coffee, juice, or in a protein shake.

2. Cayenne Pepper

Spice it up to jump-start that metabolism. Spicy foods have a natural chemical that causes your body to burn more energy. By making your temperature rise with the heat, your body burns more calories while it works to cool down from all of that heat. However, keep in mind that as your body becomes accustomed to the heat, it’s going to take even more heat to have this cool-down effect take place.

Add cayenne powder to soups or stews in small amounts to start to give your metabolism that jump-start. Just a pinch of cayenne pepper can increase your metabolism and it will also help curb the hunger. 

3. Garlic

It’s not just good for warding off the vampires. Garlic is great at warding off the fat, too! It increases the number of calories you burn a day and decreases the production of fat. With the ability to decrease the production of fat, this also helps regulate cholesterol. So a lot of health benefits come from using garlic to spice up your foods. 

Garlic also works similarly to pepper when it comes to speeding up the metabolism, in that the body has to work that much harder to cool down after having garlic.

So mince up some garlic and add it to sauces, vegetables, and roast dinners. 

Eat a healthy diet

It’s not difficult to jump-start your metabolism without having to work very hard. Eat a healthy diet which includes these three spices and you won’t be disappointed.

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Author:  Vanessa Geraghty McGann - Owner & Master Trainer - PTV Personal Training & Wellness Coaching. pt_v@live.com.au.