Prioritise exercise if you are trying to lose weight

No quick fix  

If you scroll through social media and the internet, it's swamped with quick fixes and fad diets. While these programs may offer fast weight loss, and quick results initially, for most of these programs the results do not last.  

There is also a baffling trend towards people wanting to lose weight without doing any exercise! While this might seem mind-boggling at first, it is not entirely surprising, when you stop to consider what our culture has become in recent years.

On the farm

If you look back through the centuries, a majority of people did hard, physically demanding labour on farms.  Exercise happened as they carried out their duties. So this meant that when they got home after a long day on the farm, they ate large meals in order to give them the energy they needed to complete their work.  And nobody questioned their eating habits or what they ate!

In the factory

Then in the 19th century, people began moving into the big cities to take factory jobs.  Again, they spent much of their time on their feet, and had physically demanding job.  Many walked to work and to school, so exercise was a part of their normal every day routine.  They didn’t have to worry about doing boxing or strength training to stay fit and strong, since they were exercising a lot, just going about every day life! 

At the desk

Now let's look at present day. Many people have sedentary jobs, working on computers, working at desks, working at cash registers, sitting all the time. They have little opportunity during their work days to move, let alone get up and stretch, apart from at lunch break.  At home, they may spend much of their time chilling out in front of Netflix, staring a their phone or looking at the screen on their home computer. 

Nutrition and exercise 

Nutrition is paramount to losing weight successfully, however exercise and nutrition go hand in hand for long term weight loss. You can reduce your calorie intake, but it is also important to boost your metabolism, and that is best done through an exercise routine.  Since you must burn a phenomenal amount of calories in order to lose kilos, exercise is crucial to long-term weight loss success.

Learn to love exercise!

But what if you really are one of those people that doesn't enjoy exercise? How are you supposed to be motivated to start? Well don't despair as there are a few things that you can do to get you motivated!


For instance, you might want to play your favorite music on your iPhone during your workouts. This can provide you with the motivation you need in order to get moving!

At the park

Another motivator can be to exercise with your children in tow.  This could mean doing squats and lunges in the park while your kids play in the playground. Or you could run with your pram around the park or lake!  

Buddy up

Another winning strategy is to employ the services of an exercise buddy. You can encourage each other, helping each other to overcome various hurdles to regular exercise.

Hire a personal trainer

You might also consider hiring a personal trainer.  He or she can act as your coach, pushing you forward when you feel like quitting.  A trainer can provide you with the inspiration and education necessary to achieve your weight goals.  It has also been shown that those who employ a trainer reach their optimum weight faster than those who do not!

Add exercise to your to do list

Start to prioritise exercise.  Write it on your daily to do list and schedule it into your calendar. And stick to a regular exercise schedule!  The important thing is to make exercise a regular part of your life.  It should not be limited to special occasions, or those times when you are in the mood.  It needs to be as regular as breathing!

Healthy mind

To live a healthy and happy life,  you simply need exercise.  And exercise is also beneficial to your mind as you begin your health and wellness program.  It can clear your head and help you to work out your frustrations.  It will also give you a sense of accomplishment to keep you pushing forward and wanting more. 

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Author:  Vanessa Geraghty McGann - Owner & Master Trainer - PTV Personal Training & Wellness Coaching.