Are you including HIIT in your weekly workouts?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) refers to high intensity bursts of exercise, followed by a rest period. HIIT alternates between the two.  An example of this would be fifty seconds of jump squats followed by a fifteen second rest period. There are so many health benefits of HIIT, read on to find out more. 

It's challenging

High intensity interval training pushes you and your heart rate to the max! Each exercise will challenge you and make sure you are working hard and breaking a sweat. A HIIT workout will definitely push you out of your comfort zone!

Burn fat and boost your metabolism

High intensity interval training increases your metabolism for the twenty four hours after you exercise.. And as well as revving up your metabolism, you will burn more fat calories in the twenty four hours after a HIIT workout versus a steady paced run. 

Great for your heart

High intensity interval training pushes you to work in your anaerobic zone. This is the exercise zone where your heart races and you are breathless. By incorporating regular HIIT workouts into your week you will improve your endurance over time, increase your speed, and improve your agility. 

Train anywhere

You don't need any equipment for a HIIT workout, which means that you could do this style of workout in the morning at home, at the office during your lunch break, or in the park after work. It's a really efficient workout as you can do as little as four minutes (a Tabata workout) or anywhere between fifteen and thirty minutes. 

Lose weight

Instead of loosing muscle and weight, a HIIT workout allows you to retain your muscle that you have probably worked very hard to get, and you will drop weight instead. What's even better is, that the weight loss comes from your fat stores!

How to incorporate some HIIT into your week

There are lot's of great ways to include a HIIT workout into your weekly training schedule. You can do a class such as Fire & Flow or you can do an at home workout yourself which could be a mixture of jump lunges, squats, mountain climbers, high knees and the list goes on. 

HIIT classes

Do a bit of research in your local area and see what classes are available that you could join to add some HIIT workouts to your week!

Author:  Vanessa Geraghty McGann - Owner & Master Trainer - PTV Personal Training & Wellness Coaching.