Can you control your metabolism?

Your metabolism is unique

Your metabolism is a unique process for your individual body.  No two people metabolize food at the same rate, which means no two people have the same metabolism. You use calories at different rates, with different results. Your metabolism, like your fingerprints is unique to you. However it's important to understand, and accommodate your metabolism especially as you age and your body changes. This is what we will discuss in this blog post. 

Definition of metabolism

The dictionary defines metabolism as "The sum of all biochemical processes involved in life, or the sustaining of life".  In regards to your health, metabolism is related to the intake of food, and use of food. This means that it's your ability to utilise your food intake, to the fullest extent.

Boosting your metabolism

The best way to boost and raise your metabolism comes from exercise, and building your muscle mass, while reducing your body fat.  Adding more muscle to your body, causes you to burn more calories, and this helps to elevate your metabolic rate.

Different rates of metabolism

Your metabolism functions, or rate of your metabolism also depend on how well you are looking after your bodys nutritional needs, the types of foods that you are eating, and the quality of these foods. 

High rates of metabolism

You may have really high rates of metabolism.  In other words, when you consume food, your body burn it up almost as fast as you consume it.  People who burn food quickly are often lean and trim.

Low rates of metabolism

Then on the other hand you may have a low rate of metabolism. This means that you burn your food intake so slowly, that you don't even notice that we’re burning calories.  People who burn food more slowly are the people with a tendency toward being overweight. 

Improve your health

Is it possible to raise your metabolic rate?  If you can raise your metabolic rate, you are then better able to control how you burn calories, especially if you are overweight. This would greatly assist with improving your overall health and wellness. So how do you go about this?

Raising your metabolic rate

There are foods that we can consume that naturally raise our metabolic rate, which are a great addition to your daily nutrition. However, if you are overweight or obese, the results from eating these foods are not as noticeable. What needs to be done instead, is to find a way to directly alter your metabolic rate.  You need to be able to raise your metabolism to a point where you can actually see a benefit. 

Exercise and stay active

This is where you need to put in the effort to stay physically fit and active, as you will receive tremendous payoff. Over the course of your life, if you stay active, exercise, and maintain optimal health for your muscles, you will see a tremendous difference in the rate that your body metabolizes food.  As people age, their metabolism quite naturally slows down.  The greatest way to prevent this from happening is through exercise and staying fit.

Nutrition, daily exercise, adequate rest 

The best way to control your metabolic process, is through proper nutrition, daily exercise, eating the foods known to have an effect on your metabolic rate, and plenty of rest. Don't underestimate the power of a good nights sleep. Your metabolic process can be indirectly controlled by the methods we just discussed in this blog post.  

In conclusion, through exercise, and paying attention to your unique needs, you could bring about a more natural balance of the metabolic burn vs. the calorie intake. To a level where your optimal health and weight control are in equilibrium, meaning you can lead a long and health life. 

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Author:  Vanessa Geraghty McGann - Owner & Master Trainer - PTV Personal Training & Wellness Coaching.