What is fitness of the body?

How to thrive both mentally and physically 

A healthy body will help you to deal with and handle the daily stresses of life. Because if you are in good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits, you will thrive both mentally and physically. 


Nutrition refers to the nurturing of your body,  to keep it healthy and functioning as it is supposed to do.  Your ability to provide the body with all the necessary food, vitamins, and minerals so that you can continue to thrive in your daily life processes is a key part of your overall fitness.


Fitness refers to the condition of good physical, mental, and spiritual health. Fitness of your body occurs when all of your body processes, physical and mental are functioning as the peak levels. What does it take to achieve complete body fitness? It requires more than simply taking a trip to the gym, or a walk in the park. 

Factors that affect your body fitness

Many factors come into play when we consider your bodys fitness.

Your daily intake

Your daily intake of: 

are absolute necessities, and most often the items thought about.  But what about the conditioning of your body to deal with life each day?

Physical exercise

Does our physical exercise have anything to do with the fitness of our body? Absolutely.  Your body includes all of your physical processes, your mind, and your physical being as a whole.  

When you think about fitness of the body, most often  you contemplate your physical condition as it applies to your cardiovascular needs and your weight.  

Fitness of your organs

But your body is much more than heart and a nice figure.  What about all of your other organs? Are they fit? Are they sufficiently hydrated? How do you maintain a fitness of the entirety?  

Daily physical exercise that benefits the body as a whole, taking time to rest and restore what has been depleted from our body over the course of the day, and making sure that we adequately supply our entire body with the nutrition necessary for healthy function.  

Educate yourself   

So if you educate yourself about the things your body needs to maintain fitness, over the course of your life, it isn’t a difficult thing to attain. But you cannot abuse your body for years, and then hope for immediate results in trying to attain overall fitness.  It didn’t become unfit overnight, and it won’t become fit again that quickly. Be patient. Focus on: 

Proper attention to the physical needs of each part of your body results in the fitness of the whole body and mind.  Every part of your physical body exists to work in unison with another part of the body.

Your body is a machine 

The physical body is designed to work better than any machine invented to date.  It is more complex and powerful than any piece of equipment we have on the market.  It takes more abuse than believable, and continues to operate, even without the daily requirements being met, for several days.  So treat your body kindly and look after it. 

When you choose to care for our body as the temples they really are, they house your mind and soul, and when your body is fit, it does incredible things. Get in touch with PTV and we can help you start on your journey to total body fitness. 

Author:  Vanessa Geraghty McGann - Owner & Master Trainer - PTV Personal Training & Wellness Coaching. pt_v@live.com.au.