Group Exercise Classes

We keep our classes small, so that we can give you each individual attention throughout the class. The classes are suitable for any level of fitness, from beginners to the more advanced. The classes are a mixture of: 

  • Boxing
  • Weight Circuits
  • Booty Barre (a fusion of Pilates, dance and yoga)
  • HIIT Classes (high intensity interval training)


  • Tuesday 6am - Group Exercise Class.
  • Saturday 7.50am - Group Exercise Class. 
  • Online workouts - There is an option to join as a PTV Online member if the timetable does not suit your schedule. 

As a member you will receive the following: 

  • Exercise - You can attend both weekly group exercise classes and you will get access to PTV Online too. 
  • Nutrition - You will receive a  recipe booklet, weekly food diary tracker, access to the PTV Recipe Inspiration Facebook page,  and a free customer account for an organic online grocery store. 

Group Exercise Class Pricing

Group class training styles

HIIT is a high energy interval training class, which consists of a variety of body weight exercises which will get your heart rate pumping and push you to achieve amazing results.  HIIT training is amazing for your heart health, it fires your metabolism and it's a great fat burner too! 

Booty Barre Plus is a class that has been created by Tracey Mallett. It is a fusion of pilates, dance and yoga. The class runs for about 50 minutes and it is a full body workout that will get you working up a sweat. Hello ballerina legs! 

Boxing is a huge calorie burner and lots of fun. Boxing is a great way to work off stress and give you toned back, stomach and arms. 

Weight Circuits is a class that uses barbells, medicine balls, resistance bands and dumbbells to help tone, shape and strengthen your body.  If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you!